CISA important client recognition from the government sector

Financreditos BPO the most import company in the risk cycle management of public services companies in Colombia



President Santos and the minister of TIC´s recognize that Financreditos one of the most potential companies in portfolio recovery. This companies have recover the 98% of their billing and improved up to 10% their monthly cash flow supported on techno-debt tools

Best external agency for Caja Social Bank


This recognition was given to Financreditos for its results with Caja Social Bank


EAN training at Financreditos



Thanks to the agreement made by the EAN related to the collection sector, our advisors were part of the collection management course based on the analysis of the attention the stakeholders as part of a complete formation cycle.

Corporate Social Responsibility

(Cali, Colombia)



Financreditos BPO in order to develop its commitment to corporate social responsibility, has being working and making presence in low-income communities. During the visit to this community the company distributed gifts to motivate them as part of the company's social commitment.

Medal Council of Santiago de Cali



Financreditos BPO represented by its CEO Alejandro Blanco Toro received recognition for his work with the medal of the Council of Santiago de Cali which was awarded for services rendered in the region.